Gardening Services

Service provided by the I.F.M.S. Division.

  • Services Offered

  • Maintenance of existing green spaces
  • Creation of new green spaces
  • Supply and maintenance of indoor plants
  • Supply and maintenance of outdoor plants
  • Installation and maintenance of irrigation systems
  • Automation for gardens
  • Landscape consultancy
  • Pruning and shaping of shrubs
  • Planting trees and flowers
  • Fertilization and plant health treatments
  • Client Benefits

  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal of the location
  • Improved air quality through plants
  • Reduced workplace stress
  • Professional maintenance of green spaces
  • Added property value through landscaping
  • Customization according to client specifications
  • Efficient water use through modern irrigation systems
  • Increased biodiversity and environmental sustainability
  • Ensured a pleasant and inspirational work environment
  • Technical expertise and specialized consultancy
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