Cost Acquisition Services

Service provided by the Distribution Division.

  • Services Offered

  • Identifying suppliers and specific products desired by the client
  • Negotiating prices and payment terms with suppliers
  • Direct procurement from client-specified suppliers
  • Managing financial transactions and payments
  • Invoicing clients with agreed-upon commissions
  • Ensuring transparency and compliance in transactions
  • Consultancy and support for the procurement process
  • Reporting and monitoring of costs and performance
  • Prompt resolution of issues and complaints
  • Ongoing evaluation of partnerships and suppliers
  • Client Benefits

  • Easy access to suppliers and specific products
  • Obtaining the best prices and payment terms
  • Simplification of the procurement process and financial transactions
  • Time and administrative resource savings
  • Reduction of financial risk and hidden costs
  • Ensuring compliance and integrity in business
  • Specialized support and consultancy for procurement decisions
  • Efficient monitoring of costs and performance
  • Swift resolution of issues and disputes
  • Continuous evaluation of partnerships and performance
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