Service provided by the Construction Division.

  • Services Offered

  • Periodic inspection and diagnostics of equipment and installations
  • Repair and preventive maintenance to prevent malfunctions and breakdowns
  • Efficient and prompt resolution of issues and breakdowns
  • Replacement and modernization of worn-out equipment and components
  • Ensuring optimal functionality and safety of installations
  • Management of maintenance and troubleshooting programs
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting of the status of equipment and installations
  • Maintenance and repair consultancy for optimizing performance and durability
  • Implementation of improvement and preventive measures
  • Emergency services and rapid intervention for remedying breakdowns
  • Client Benefits

  • Maintaining equipment and installations in optimal working condition and performance
  • Cost reduction through prevention of breakdowns and major repairs
  • Minimal downtime due to quick resolution of issues
  • Prolonged lifespan of equipment and installations
  • Ensuring a safe and efficient working environment
  • Efficient planning and management of maintenance and repairs
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting for early issue detection
  • Specialized consultancy for optimizing performance and durability
  • Reduced risk of breakdowns and unforeseen costs
  • Availability of emergency services for fast and efficient interventions
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